Brigitte Maria Mayer

Brigitte Maria Mayer
in the performance "Death is a Mistake"

"My visual worlds aim at linking myth and history with the present, using their narratives to extract and enact timeless, recurring patterns".
Brigitte Maria Mayer

Brigitte Maria Mayer (1965)

Born in 1965 in Regensburg; Germany. 1986 - 1990 studied at the Hochschule for Visual Communication in Kassel, specializing in photography and performance. The widow of a prominent German playwright Heiner Müller. A well established photographer and visual artist, Brigitte Maria Mayer creates timeless parables juxtaposing biblical and classical themes with a radical political reference to the present world.

Performances and Video Installations (selected):

1987 "Sisyphus", performance in the Salzmann factory, Kassel;

1987 "Fatal Love", performance as part of the festival of performing art at Documenta 8, Kassel;

1988 "Electra’s Field of Battle", performance at the Sektor 29 performance space, Kassel;

2006 "Revolution Trade Fair", House of Literature, Frankfurt am Main;

2006 "Death is a Mistake - Federal Republic of Germany models of revolution and beauty", video installation at Valhalla Hall of Fame;

2009 "Anatomie Titus: Fall of Rome“, Film Installation: Academy of Arts, Berlin ; Shizuoka Spring Arts Festival , Japan ; Redcat Theatre, Los Angeles, in cooperation with Villa Aurora and Goethe-Institute.

Exhibitions (selected):

1992 "Perfect Sister", Fiction Inc. Gallery, Tokyo; "Allied Powers", House of Democracy, Berlin;

1994 "In Canova's Lens", Erotic Art Museum, Hamburg;

1995 L.A. Galerie, Frankfurt am Main;

1996 Goethe Institute Chicago (in conjunction with a lecture at the Chicago Art Institute); "Colour spaces", Galerie Kyra Maralt, Berlin;

1998 Kunsthaus Nuremburg;

2000 Galerie Raab, Regensburg;

2002 "Mixed Bodies", Charim Galerie, Vienna;

2003 "Flight and Expulsion", Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Berlin;

2005 "Stages", Galerie Echolot, Berlin;

2006 “Death is a Mistake; a multi-media installation, House of Literature, Frankfurt am Main;

2007 "We will be Heroes", Krammig & Pepper Contemporary, Berlin;

2009 “Anatomie Titus: Fall of Rome” in conjunction with the video installation, Academy of Arts, Berlin.

Publications :

"Perfect Sister", 1991; "In Canova's Lens" 1993; "Passion 2000” 2000; "Death is a Mistake", 2005; “Anatomie Titus: Fall of Rome”, 2009.

Brigitte Maria Mayer lives and works in Berlin.